​​​​About Us

This project is sponsored by National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa.


Quality mathematics education is a current priority in South Africa. As such, continued support initiatives for both teachers and school students is at the core of addressing the current mathematics crisis in South Africa. Even though resources are available to any teacher who accesses these via the Internet, teachers are often overwhelmed by the number of available resources. To this end we initiated and introduced a mathematics information delivery hub (MIDHub), which provides easy and quick access to relevant material and quality instructional resources for mathematics teachers.


Project team
  • Prof Gerrit Stols (University of Pretoria, SMTE)

  • Prof Alta Van der Merwe (University of Pretoria, Informatics)

  • Prof Ronél Ferreira (University of Pretoria, EdPsych)

  • Prof André Pelser (UFS, Sociology)

  • Prof Werner Olivier (NMMU, Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit)

  • Dr Jaca Prince (Walter Sisulu University, SMTE)

  • Prof Carina de Villiers (University of Pretoria, Informatics)

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